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Sunday 26/0817.00-20.30Registration & Icebreaker at Botanic GardensSponsored by TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands
Monday 27/088.30-9.00Registration & coffeeVictor J. Koningsberger building – Utrecht University
9.00-9.30Opening sessionMarie-France Loutre (PAGES Executive Director), Allan Ashworth (INQUA President)
9.30-10.40Session 1:
Past Sea-Level Changes

Chair = Robert Barnett (University of Exeter), Co-chairs/Rapporteurs = Francis Nixon, Christine Hamilton

Sponsored by NESSC (Netherlands Earth System Science Centre)
Keynote (30 min)Roland Gehrels“Salt marshes are palaeotide gauges”
Talk 1 (20 min)Amila Sandaruwan RatnayakeMid to late Holocene Sea-Level Changes in Southwest Coast of Sri Lanka
Talk 2 (20 min)Christine HamiltonReconstructing Holocene changes in relative sea level, sediment supply and back-barrier evolution, Suffolk, UK.
10.40-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-12.30ECR Keynote (30 min)Nicole Khan“Local to Global Drivers of Past and Future Sea-Level Change”
Talk 3 (20 min)Geoffrey RichardsExploiting new Holocene sea-level archives to inform future sea-level predictions: an example from Wales
Talk 4 (20 min)Maryam YousefiThe contribution of glacial isostatic adjustment to past and future sea-level change along the west coast of North America
Talk 5 (20 min)Ksenia PoleshchukSea level changes in Dunderbukta (west Svalbard) based on diatom analysis
12.30-14.00Lunch & Posters (all sessions)
13.45-14.00PALSEA presentationAlessio RovereIntroduction of the third phase of PALSEA – PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PAGES-INQUA)
14.00-15.10Session 2: Recent and Future Sea-Level Changes

Chair = Aimee Slangen (NIOZ), Co-chairs/Rapporteurs = Fabio Mangini, Tim Hermans

Sponsored by NESSC (Netherlands Earth System Science Centre)
Keynote (30 min)Marta Marcos20th century sea-level change (models and observations), contributions to sea-level change, future projections (21st century and beyond)
Talk 1 (20 min)Breylla Campos CarvalhoVulnerability to coastal erosion and inundation of oceanic beaches from southern Rio de Janeiro coastline (SE Brazil)
Talk 2 (20 min)David ParkesA new contribution to 20th-century GMSLR from missing and disappeared glaciers
15.10-15.30Coffee Break
15.30-17.00ECR Keynote (30 min)Roelof RietbroekUnravelling the present day sea level budget with geodetic datasets
Talk 3 (20 min)Molly KeoghMeasuring rates of present-day relative sea-level rise in low-elevation coastal zones: A critical evaluation
Talk 4 (20 min)Jyoti JadhavMultidecadal Weakening of Indian Summer Monsoon Circulation Induces an Increasing Northern Indian Ocean Sea Level
Talk 5 (20 min)Andra GarnerThe Impact of Climate Change on New York City’s Coastal Flood Hazard:  Increasing Flood Heights from the Pre-Industrial to 2300 CE
18.00-19.00Dinner, Educatorium
19.00-22.00Public Event at Uithof  Ruppert Blauw Building, sponsored by UU Geosciences
Tuesday 28/088.30-18.00Field ExcursionSponsored by Faculty of Geosciences – Utrecht University
18.00-20.30Conference Dinner at Fletcher Hotel, NaaldwijkSponsored by Climate Institute – TU Delft
Wednesday 29/098.30-9.00CoffeeVictor J. Koningsberger building – Utrecht University
9.00-10.10Session 3: Mitigation, Adaptation and Coastal Impacts

Chair = Kay Koster (TNO) , Co-chairs/Rapporteurs = Alejandra Rodríguez Enríquez, Anna Wedin

Sponsored by Deltares
Keynote (30 min)Carles Ibañez“From the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene marine transgression of deltas: can we learn from the past to adapt to the future?”
Talk 1 (20 min)Marlon FrançaMangrove dynamics on the Delta of the Doce River during the Holocene according to sea-level fluctuations: A multi-proxy model
Talk 2 (20 min)Erwin LambertThe impact of changing wave setup on future extreme sea levels
10.10-10.30Coffee Break
10.30-12.00ECR Keynote (30 min)Sanne MuisGlobal modeling of storm surges and extreme sea levels
Talk 3 (20 min)Yoann PoherImpacts of sea-level rise and responses of Mediterranean coastal wetland biodiversity: lessons from fossil insect assemblages
Talk 4 (20 min)Lisa-Michéle BottCollective adaptation strategies towards floods and subsidence in Central Java, Indonesia
Talk 5 (20 min)Philip MinderhoudThe truth sinks in; relative sea level rise of the Mekong delta dominated by subsidence
12.00-14.00Lunch & Posters (all sessions)
14.00-15.20Session 4: Submerged Landscapes

Chair = Eduardo Alarcon (Central University of Venezuela), Co-chairs/Rapporteurs = Renée de Bruijn, Livio Ronchi

Keynote (30 min)Fraser Sturt“Submerged landscapes: global perspectives and opportunities”
ECR Keynote (30 min) Claire MellettBeyond Doggerland: Submerged landscapes of the southern North Sea
Talk 1 (20 min)Emuobosa Akpo OrijemieHolocene Sea level changes and Human Cultural Transformations in Nigeria
15.20-15.40Coffee Break
15.40-16.20Talk 2 (20 min)Elena SteponaitisAn Early Holocene Relative Sea-Level Record from the Mississippi Delta
Talk 3 (20 min)Anton HanssonA submerged landscape in the Hanö Bay, Baltic Sea
16.20-17.00Closing sessionOrganising Committee

Awards for best poster and best presentation

Thijs van Kolfschoten (INQUA Vice-President)