Tuesday 28th August, 08.15-22.30

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The excursion was organised by Kim Cohen and Kay Koster. It was sponsored by Utrecht University Geosciences.

Follow this link for a summary of the field day in Tweets.

The Excursion Guide can be downloaded here.


-We will be on main roads and on public footpaths at stops
-We will walk on a sandy beach
-We will conduct handcorings in a meadow
-Wear comfortable shoes; walks are short
-Check weather forecast for (rain)coat/ sunwear
-Bring sunscreen, camera, sunglasses
-Lunch will be provided, bring snacks and drinks if desired


08.15Meet at main entrance of Victor J. Koningsberger Building
8.30Bus leaves
9.30Drive-by: Lek river and Hagestein Weir
10.00Drive-by: Ablasserwaard Polder
10.30-11.00Stop 1: UNESCO World Heritage site the ‘Kinderdijk’ windmills
11.30Drive-by: Rotterdam delta-city and harbour
12.20-14.30Stop 2: Archaeological site ‘De Vergulde Hand’, Vlaardingen
15.30Drive-by: Storm surge barrier ‘Maeslantkering’
16.00-17.30Stop 3: Beach nourishment ‘Sand Engine’
18.00-21.30Conference Dinner, Fletcher Hotel, Naaldwijk
21.30Bus drives back to Utrecht
22.30Arrival at Utrecht Science Park