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Twitter: @iSLR18


ECR organizing committee:

Dr. Aimee Slangen (NIOZ)

Dr. Kay Koster (TNO)

Dr. Robert Barnett (University of Exeter; PALSEA; PAGES)

Dr. Xavier Benito (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; PAGES)

Dr. B. de Boer (IMAU, Utrecht University)

EG. Eduardo Alarcón (Central University of Venezuela; INQUA)


Advisory committee:

Prof. Dr. M. van Kolfschoten (Leiden University; INQUA)

Dr. M.-F. Loutre (PAGES)

Prof. Dr. A. Ashworth (North Dakota State University; INQUA)

Dr. F.S. Busschers (TNO; INQUA)

Dr. K.M. Cohen (Utrecht University; INQUA-NL)

Dr. W.Z. Hoek (Utrecht University; INQUA-NL)

Dr. P. Stocchi (NIOZ)

Dr. W. van der Wal (Delft University of Technology)

Dr. M.P. Hijma (Deltares)

Dr. R.S.W. van de Wal (IMAU, Utrecht University)


Main sponsors:

International Union for Quaternary Research
Past Global Changes


Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
Utrecht University
Delft University of Technology